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I went to prison at a very young age and I grew up behind prison walls. It is my prayer that what I’ve been through will help you in some way. I know some will think they never do anything wrong, so they don’t have to worry about jail or prison. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be accused of doing something. I am a man that was falsely accused. Now I can’t say I never did anything wrong because I have, I know first hand the troubles that you can get into by breaking laws. People you hang around with or just being at the wrong place at the wrong time can put you in situations that could change your life forever.  For twenty four years I had time to think about that. 

I know that most people think inmates deserve what they get and they have it made; they sit around watching TV all day, shoot basketball, and lift weights. We could do all those things, but it was by someone else’s rules and choices. No longer do you have a choice.  You are told what to do, when to do it and how to do it.  I pray you never have to experience that. However, I will say that ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28)  Little did I know at the time God had a purpose for my life.  He had to allow it to be turned upside down to get my attention.  He had a plan and it is still unfolding today.

I grew up poor, but I didn’t know that because everyone around us was poor. As far as I was concerned we had everything we needed.  My mom did most of the correcting and I know we seven kids kept her busy.  I was next to the youngest of the seven.  I think I was smoking and drinking by the time most kids today start to school.  God wanted something different for my life from the day I was born.  Mom and Dad tried to do the right thing in every area of our upbringing.  They made sure we were on the church bus to Allen’s Creek Baptist Church on Sunday morning.  I grew up knowing about God, but I didn’t get to know Him personally until later in life. 

It’s a long story about how I ended up being falsely accused of a horrible crime.  I bet I’ve questioned God a million times why?  Everyone has their opinion about it and I can’t convince anyone that I didn’t do what I was accused of, but I can pray asking God to give each of you spiritual eyesight allowing you to see the truth.  I was convicted of a sex crime.  I’m innocent and God has given me a promise that He will bring the truth to light.  Matthew 10:26 says  “Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed, and hid that shall not be made known.”  Praise God!  I don’t know when my promise will be fulfilled, but I know it will. 

I started my time at Polk Youth Center in Raleigh. Gladiator school is what they called it. Some of the guys in there that I talked to told me I would have to prove myself. I wanted to be tough, but I was scared. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt someone or even worse, get hurt myself. I was processed in late at night. Almost everyone was already asleep. They assign a small bed with a locker to put all my belongings in. You can’t have much at all. The beds are bunk beds, three beds high, so everything is really tight. I get everything put away, make my bed, and I laid there until morning. Everyone gets up at five thirty. I try to watch everything around me so I can learn how to handle myself.  Everyone had the same routine, get up, make your bed, go brush your teeth and wash your face and get ready for breakfast. We all line up, you line up for everything, and you are to be silent.  If anyone talks, nobody eats.  I went in search of a knife for protection.  In prison it’s called a shank.  I had made up my mind that I would make an example of anyone who tried me and show everyone I was not the one to be messed with. I never did find a knife and I began my journey of prison life. It’s a very lonesome world behind bars. Your family now is the guys you share a dorm with.  Your real family can only come to see you for two hours each week. You can write, you can make two ten minute phone calls a month. Nothing is private, nothing is personal. They listen to your calls; stand over you during your visits, and they read your mail. I lost both my mother and father while in prison.  I was allowed to go to the funeral home for a few minutes in handcuffs and shackles? I couldn’t even wipe my own nose.  Prison life could have made me very bitter, but thanks be to God, He changed my heart.  There are so many things that happen in life that don’t seem fair but I know they happen for a reason. I wanted God to bring the truth out, I wanted to go home. Things just never seemed to work out for me.  I continued doing drugs and gambling, whatever I could get into. For years I thought I was so bad and had sinned so much that I couldn’t be saved. I was condemned and no matter what, God didn’t want me. I failed a drug test in 1995 and I was shipped to the coast. I was as far as I could be from home.  My life was so empty and I was about as low as you could go.  Many nights I prayed that God would just let me die.  What did I have to live for?  I was there a year.  It was too hard for my family to travel there so it was a long lonely time. I stayed to myself and out of trouble so they would send me closer home. I was shipped to Marion. It’s so amazing how good your life will turn out when you allow God to be your guide.  I stayed at that camp until 1999 and went to a new prison that had just opened in Spruce Pine. I stayed there for a little over three years and then was moved to Craggy. I made a full circle in eight years. They kept a close eye on me because I had been there from 1989 until 1995 and I was into everything. I ran the canteen there for a little over five years this time they assigned me a job working in the clothes house and I worked hard. I wanted to prove myself. I was over the chemicals, the changing supplies, and all the new clothes. They even stored boxes of coffee that were sold in the canteen.  I was told I was not responsible for it and I knew it was a bad idea to keep it there. It belonged in the canteen not the clothes house. It came time for the canteen to be audited and the inmate and officer who were over the canteen were short on the inventory so to make up the shortage; they made up dummy boxes of coffee and put them in the clothes house with the others, however before they could get enough boxes made, the auditors came in and counted what they had, and they were three thousand eight hundred coffees short. At ten cents each, that’s three hundred eighty dollars. They put the canteen man in seg and did a recount on everything. The count was still short. The next morning they put me in seg. I had nothing to do with it at all. I hate being in seg. It’s an eight by ten cell with a bunk and a toilet. They came and asked me a million questions and it doesn’t matter if you know anything or not, if you don’t say what they want to hear, you’re a liar. Later as I was sitting on my bunk, I picked my Bible up. I sat and I thought about everything. It seemed to me that I had been accused of a lot of things that I hadn’t done and I couldn’t understand why. I got on my knees and I prayed. I called out to God to help me. I told Him I couldn’t promise Him anything, but if He would help me I would do my best to live for Him. I stayed in seg seven days that seemed like an eternity. Once they let me out I never heard anything else about it. I was then assigned a janitor job in the dorm I was in. When a job came open in the Chapel for a janitor it was offered to me and I took it. I loved that job. I loved the people I worked for. At one point in my life I was sure I would die in prison, but God turned all of that around for me. God is so good!  I allowed God to use me and I spent my days trying to be the best witness I could be to others around me.  God would have me standing up to testify or going to talk to fellow inmates on the yard.  Things you would have never seen me do before, God did through me.  Several times the truth has been right within my reach, but it’s not Gods time.  When the truth does come out, there will be no mistaken that it’s Him.  Trust Him when it looks as if you have no hope.  I give Christ Jesus all the honor and glory because without Him I can do nothing. My heart used to be filled with hate; I just wanted to make it out of prison so that I could make the ones responsible for putting me in prison pay for telling lies on me. God’s word says we must forgive to be forgiven and as hard as I thought it would be, God gave me the heart to love, and to forgive. Only through Him was that possible.  What was meant for bad was made good. I thank God for my life. I thank God for His son Jesus, who gave Himself freely, shed His precious blood for me. God likes to work when nothing else will!

I want to thank the Lord for saving my soul from the devils hell. In 2011 after 2 years of my dad, Ronald Flynn having cancer things for my family seemed to get dark. My father was not a saved man when we found out that he had cancer which started in his colon then progressed to his liver. About 2 to 3 months before my dad passed away he asked God to forgive him for his sins and to save his soul. My dad grew up in church, my grandparents were faithful members of Victory Baptist Church in Black Mountain NC, and knew right from wrong.  I can remember as an 18 year old boy going through something that no teenage boy should have to go through, that my dad asked me to look over the family when he died. My dad was so comfortable with death after being saved that I asked him in his room one day, “Dad how are you ok with the thought of dying.”  My dad told me that he had piece with death because he knew if death came that he would spend the rest of eternity with the Lord.  As an 18 year old boy living in sin and doing things my way and how ever I saw fit, this was probably the most influential witnessing moment in my life. After dad passed away, my best friend Jeffrey who had recently started dating the granddaughter of the pastor of Solid Rock Free Will Baptist in Marion NC, started inviting me to come to church.  That Sunday night service I found myself on the left side of the pulpit in the alter. I asked God to save my soul and forgive me for my sins. It was a few months later when God showed me that it took him giving my dad cancer and saving his soul and taking him from this earth to get my attention. My dad was my best friend if we weren’t hunting we were at the ball field or working together, I spent most of my time with my dad. I sometimes wonder what life would have been like if I would have surrendered to the Lord sooner then what I did, if my dad would still be alive and I would still have my hunting partner. But since that day God saved me, called me to preach, and I’ve seen the Lord save my sister. I’ve found out that God can be a brother a friend and my father. I have to live ever day with the thought that my selfish pride was what took my dad away, but when God took my dad he got 2 new children. The world wouldn’t understand this but I thank the Lord for taking my dad to show me what I was missing, I wouldn’t change it for any amount of money. I never would have dreamed that God would want a man as wretched as I was to preach the Gospel, but I thank him for the calling on my life.     BFlynn

I was raised in a good Christian home and had the best parents anyone could ever want or ask for.  Dad and Mom took us to church when we were little, but when I turned 13 I went down the wrong road.  I spent the next twenty eight years of my life as an alcoholic and drug addict. For ten years I was doing crystal meth. I was dealing drugs and ruining lives along with my own. I spent a lot of time running from the law. I was in and out of jail and always looking over my shoulder.  Sin has no mercy and I was living a miserable life in sin.  I’m not at all proud of the life style I led, but thank God for my mama’s prayers.  She was a prayer warrior and she loved the Lord.  I can remember coming home after being out all night and my mama would be waiting with her Bible on her lap.  She would beg me to quit the drugs and alcohol before it killed me.  I lost my Mother in April of 1999 and even on her death bed she would ask others to pray for her boys.  She never gave up!  Thank God for those prayers!  My Dad was a hard worker and he also was a good Christian man.  He wouldn’t hesitate to whip us if we did wrong.  The life style I chose was not because of my raising.  My Dad and Mother loved the Lord and they never quit praying for us.  I sure miss them now, but I take comfort in knowing where they are. I know they are home with Jesus! 

When I went to prison the last time I was about as low as I could get.  I wanted a change.  I wanted a better life.  Little did I know that God was working on me.  I managed to go through four months of rehab after I got out, but there was a void in my heart that I could not fill.  Still I wasn’t happy with my life. But praise the Lord Jesus Christ something was fixing to happen that would change my life forever!  On June 07, 2012 at 8:00am on a Thursday morning I gave my heart to Jesus!  Praise God I was born again!  Redeemed by the blood of the lamb! Thank God for mercy and grace!  I am so glad I am saved and it has sure given me a reason for living!  Now I have the assurance of eternal life and one day soon I will make heaven my home!  There I will see Mom and Dad again!  I thank God for my family that never gave up on me, even when it looked as if I was hopeless.  I love you all!  I have two sons and they are both saved! Praise God!

I am also very thankful that God led me to Beth Eden Baptist Church.  Pastor Dale Wheeler is an Old Fashioned preacher that preaches the word.  That has sure been a big help to me as a young Christian.  I thank God for the preachers that are willing to walk that straight and narrow path. Standing firm on God’s word.

We the members of Beth Eden Baptist Church, invite you to join us, in Praise, Honor, and Worship of our Heavenly Father.

If you do not know the Lord as your personal Saviour, we invite you Today, to come to know Him, in the free pardon of sin.

The Greatest Gift of your life is a Prayer away. 

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